Becoming the Contractor in Charge

Will Talks Biz ep 92 Becoming the contractor in charge

“Contractor in Charge is really about outsourcing what you don’t know how to do well and let those who do and are trained to do them, do it for you.”

As an entrepreneur it is important to know when it is time to outsource key functions. The next step is figuring out how to do it. As a serial entrepreneur that has founded six businesses, Lynn Wise has discovered the impact of incorporating outside experts. That prompted her to found, Contractor in Charge, a successful outsourcing service. Her mission is to help others outsource what they don’t know how to do well and letting those who are trained do it for them.

From managing leads to full-service accounting, Lynn’s company provides essential services that many businesses struggle with. Her advice? Focus on what you do best and seek resources to handle other critical aspects efficiently. Lynn’s transparency, focus on delivering quality, and building trust form the secret sauce behind maintaining strong client relationships. Her approach to business is a masterclass in building loyalty and trust.

When it comes to hiring, Lynn emphasizes hiring in areas that align with your revenue-generating activities. If you can’t manage, train, or hire for a role, outsource it. This approach allows you to focus on what matters most to your business. Essentially, “cash is king.” It is important to find ways to earn capital so you are able to align your business with your lifestyle. Overcoming early-stage challenges and understanding demand are crucial for business owners. Lynn’s insight on pricing for efficiency is a game-changer.

Make sure to listen to this episode. Lynn’s success stories are awe-inspiring. From helping a struggling client turn their business around to achieving an 8-fold revenue increase, her expertise in financial management is not to be overlooked. And if you can’t get enough, check out Lynn’s podcast, Transforming the Trades. Each episode focuses on the future of the trades, new resources, and technological advancements.

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Key Moments

05:46 Starting a business requires understanding strengths and outsourcing

09:43 Hire, train, and manage or outsource. Focus on revenue generation, not operations.

10:21 Outsource non-core activities for business success.

15:47 Understanding numbers is crucial for business success.

17:56 Client’s success story: from struggling to thriving.

20:18 Discussing future of trades on


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