When It’s Time to Walk Away {Pausing the Podcast}


“Quit trying to expand just to expand. Put a pause on that and focus on what you can do well with the people and the resources you have now.”

After nearly two years of the podcast it is time to talk about making the tough decisions of when to pause or quit in business. The decision to step away from a project or job is rarely an easy one. There are times it just makes sense to quit. In fact, quitting is not always negative. It can be a positive and strategic choice. There are times when setting something aside will create room for high-value tasks and projects. As much reward are the podcast has brought us, it make sense to push pause and redirect attention to things that align with our current vision and goals. As exciting as the change can be, it is also easy to get swayed by outside opinions. Especially when they miss the value of knowing when it’s time to walk away.

As an entrepreneur I have learned the importance of maintaining focus on high-priority tasks and projects. It is important to evaluate when it may be time to close something up, even temporarily, in order to dedicate attention to new opportunities and ventures. Focus on making a business more efficient and customer-centric, rather than blindly expanding for the sake of growth.

Unfortunately, negative perspectives and judgments may arise when making the decision to pause or quit. Those are the times you should seek guidance from trusted mentors and experts, while being mindful of the opinions and feedback received from others. Don’t waste time filtering out distractions that can divert focus from the ultimate business goals and vision. You know why you are making the decision to quit, and that is what matters. Surround yourself with a supportive network that encourages and uplifts you.

While this may be the last “new” episode, you can always revisit past episodes. Continue listening and learning from the variety of episode topics. I want to express my deepest gratitude to all the listeners, guests, and contributors who have made Will Talks Biz a phenomenal success. I’m looking forward to the next chapter and the opportunity to continue sharing valuable insights with you all.

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Key Moments

01:29 Transitioning from Podcasting to New Business Ventures

03:13 Quitting the Right Way

07:42 Sustainable Business Growth

09:05 External Judgment When Making Decisions

11:14 The Power of a Focused Vision

17:11 Connections and Future Engagements

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