Serial entrepreneur looks for new challenge

I write often about the dream of business ownership and the challenges of operating businesses. I have also written about mentorship and giving back to the community. So here is my newest challenge for readers to help me find a business that needs help to get off the ground. Do you or do you know someone who really has a good business idea but doesn’t have the right people to make the idea a reality? Perhaps it’s a funding problem? There are many challenges to face in business and we all could use the expertise of those who have done it before us. I am a serial entrepreneur with vast experience and willing to share with those willing to listen.  For any more information you can visit or please feel free to email me your business plan or proposal at
Here is what I am looking for:

• People who have a business plan
• People who are seeking funding for a new concept
• People willing to do all that is necessary to see a dream come true

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