Looking for a chance

ussell Wilson

In past articles I pretty much complained about find skilled workers. At the time I saw the articles more of me asking questions to see if any other manager or owner were facing the same obstacles. When I got reaction to the articles, I realized that others read the articles as me not being able to find people to work at my companies. That simple isn’t the case. We actually get many inquires about job openings on a daily basis. My outlook for finding new and talented people is one of a positive mind frame. The reason I take so long to find great people to work with is because I don’t settle. In fact one of the most asked question to me in interviews is what I am looking for in a potential new hire. Here is what I think about before making a hiring decision and I really think it can apply to anyone who is seeking a job anywhere.

I believe in looking for that person who is determined to succeed no matter what! When Russell Wilson came to the Seahawks, he was looking for someone to give him a chance. A chance is what I want to give to my employees. Not everyone works out in the hiring process and I do my best to coach people along the way. What I am ultimately looking for is someone who is willing to do all that is necessary to achieve his or her own dreams. In short I am looking for the people who want to prove themselves. All that these people need is an opportunity to have a place to prove it! I hope to inspire other entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and supervisors to all do the same: Find those employees determined to succeed and you will find great people to work with. And for those of you still seeking a place to work to prove yourself, don’t give up and settle. Find a place to work that will help you use your talents in a positive way and grow to become the best.

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