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Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 24 Will Talks to Business 101I was recently invited to speak to a Business 101 class at the college I attended years ago. It was a great opportunity to answer their questions and share some of the lessons I have had throughout my experience in business.

Key Takeaways:

{3:07} Prior to going I looked over their course outline so I knew what they were learning and knew what type of questions they may have. The most important thing to remember was that they are still learning so it is important to steer away from lingo they may not be familiar with yet.

{4:27} One of the questions that stood out to me was “how do you overcome your own mindset?”. There were several other great ones that shows the students are really thinking beyond the lessons in their book.

{8:20} Speaking to students is a great way to learn more about the incoming workforce and future competitors. You could tell the goals and interests the have for business based on the questions they asked.

{10:03} One of the students approached me after and reminded me that I had once interviewed her for a job. She asked me why she didn’t get the job. That lead to an insightful discussion for both of us.

{12:17} Not many people ask about firing being something they have to consider within business, so it was a very interesting conversation for the students to ask about.

{16:38} More and more colleges are showing interest in bringing speakers in because it provides the real world experience to help put context to their lessons.

“Hearing people that talk about the real world makes the lessons they are learning real.”

“Read, read, read, read. Just keep reading. It’s the answer to all your problems.”

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