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Will Talks Biz Podcast Ep 86 Context Experts

“The difference that separates a great event or a great speakers, and everything in between is trying to actually connect to your audience and give them value.”

The best way to grow as a content expert is by adding value in presentations and seeking feedback from those you serve. After recent experiences at conferences, Cassie and I both shared disappointment by not receiving the expected value from certain presentations. Part of the problem was a lack of speakers presenting in a way that offers genuine value and connects with their audience in a meaningful way.

As a business owner it is important to constantly be seeking and valuing feedback from others. Whether it’s asking for constructive criticism from an audience after a presentation or actively listening to customer feedback in business. Always stay open to learning and growing. Relatability, trust, and storytelling go a long way when connecting with others. People can tell when you have genuine intentions. Don’t set yourself up to a negative reputation by falling short in delivering it.

Build a reputation as an expert by sharing authentic experiences and by offering genuine value. When things don’t go well, embrace the lessons from failures and use them to foster growth in business. All of your experiences can help in delivering better presentations, improving customer service, and creating more excellent overall experiences for those they serve.

Make sure to listen to this episode for more on how to bring positive impact as a content expert. Remember, learning from mistakes and striving for improvement is the key to success in business.

Key Moments

01:40 Importance of focusing on audience value over sales at events.

04:56 Expertise must be backed by real experience.

08:37 Speakers should focus on value-driven content for conference success.

10:05 Seek feedback for learning, growth, and improvement.

14:02 Openly sharing builds trust and relatability.

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