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Mental Health in Business

By William Manzanares | November 22, 2023

“You might feel people are happy that I’m failing. Yeah. They probably are. So find people who are happy that you’ll succeed after you fail. Find those people.” An often overlooked, yet critical topic, is mental health in entrepreneurship. It’s time for more people to break the stigma and have open conversations about the challenges we face as entrepreneurs and how to overcome them. Cassie and I discuss the importance of seeking professional help, surrounding yourself with positivity, and making positive changes…

Never Argue With a Customer

By William Manzanares | November 15, 2023

“in a business, you need to be sure to clarify when you tell employees that something is a rule versus a law versus a restriction or regulation.” Frustrating customer service experiences are great reminders of the importance of delivering exceptional service. Recently I had a less than favorable interaction at a store while trying to…

Ask Will Building Your Speaking Expertise

By William Manzanares | November 8, 2023

“Passion will trump any mistakes they may see you make.” Anyone interested in public speaking needs to understand effective speaking strategies, including engaging the audience throughout the presentation. During this conversation, Cassie discusses her upcoming presentation and seeks guidance on boosting her confidence, honing her presentation skills, and engaging an audience. The best way to battle nerves before getting on stage is to…

The Power of Now

By William Manzanares | November 1, 2023

“Plan for it, but don’t worry about every possible outcome. You’ll spend more time worrying about every possible thing that could go wrong than just focusing on what you have to do to make it go right.” There is a book that has been making waves among successful CEOs and Fortune 500 companies: “The Power…

Optimizing Your Business

By William Manzanares | October 25, 2023

“The most powerful skill that anybody can have is storytelling. Think back to even your favorite teachers. They were just great storytellers. They made Everything interesting.” Bryan Eisenberg is a renowned expert in online marketing and optimizing your business. He recently joined for a conversation sharing insights into how businesses can improve their customer experiences…

Juggling Multiple Projects

By William Manzanares | October 18, 2023

“Accountability certainly helps keep you on track for accomplishing whatever your goals are, launching products or ideas that you have.” The idea of juggling multiple projects is something that many entrepreneurs can relate to. In this episode, Cassie and I talk about the challenges and strategies for staying organized and on track for our goals across…

Best Practices for Landing a Job

By William Manzanares | October 11, 2023

“The biggest and most important thing for any job, but it’s especially true with entry level roles, is you need to display a strong bias for action.” Trying to land a job can feel like an endless hunt with no success. Tim Dyck, owner of Best Culture Solutions, helps people find clarity as an employer…

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 67 creating the ultimate customer experience

Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

By William Manzanares | October 4, 2023

“It’s unbelievable that companies will spend so much money in marketing and then have an experience that doesn’t live up to the invitation, the marketing that they have extended.” – Scott McKain We couldn’t be more appreciative to have renowned speaker, consultant, coach, and author, Scott McKain, back to talk about creating the ultimate customer…

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 66 Hiring Strategies to Apply Today

Hiring Strategies to Apply Today

By William Manzanares | September 27, 2023

“Set up clear expectations and standards when a panel is scoring. It makes it fair and consistent for each candidate. At the end of the interviews, you have numbers, and the numbers don’t lie.” – Autumn Stern There is no doubt that setting up hiring strategies can make a difference for your organization. In an…

Will Talks Biz Podcast Ep 65 Matthew Miller Creating a Buzzworthy Business

Creating a Buzzworthy Business

By William Manzanares | September 20, 2023

“I believe that you can accomplish anything with passion, imagination, and grit.” Matthew Miller Matthew Miller has always had a passion for the theme park industry. Ever since he was in 1st grade, he dreamed of becoming a roller coaster designer. His passion for roller coaster design, coupled with his determination and hard work, led…