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Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 22 Podcasting 101 with Jody Maberry

Podcasting 101 with Jody Maberry

By William Manzanares | November 16, 2022

Any time I listed to the podcast “Creating Disney Magic” with Lee Cockerell and Jody Maberry I feel like I’m there in the room with them as they discuss leadership and customer service. The show and topics offer information that reaches a broad audience. Today Cassie and I are thrilled to enjoy podcasting with Jody.…

Will Talk Biz ep 21 Public Speaking with Scott McKain

Public Speaking with Scott McKain

By William Manzanares | November 9, 2022

In this episode, we learn about the experiences that come from writing and public speaking featuring Scott McKain.  He is an expert at helping businesses understand how to stand out in a hyper-competitive marketplace. The conversation with Scott is powerful because he shares how much his journey to get better positively impacts the work he…

Will Talks Biz episode 20 transparency in business

Transparency in Business

By William Manzanares | November 2, 2022

It is not uncommon for people to reach out about collaborating. They will be incredibly gracious and flattering within their request. However, things don’t always stay that way. Make sure to have transparency in business so you are aware of when people are wanting to fill their wallets with your money. The more you try…

Will Talks Biz Episode 19 Epic Life Justin Breen

Epic Life with Justin Breen

By William Manzanares | October 26, 2022

Justin Breen joins us again to talk about his newest book, Epic Life. This book focuses on how to build collaborative global companies while putting your family first. It’s what many people want, but don’t know how to do. Justin certainly does though because in addition to being a husband and dad, he runs two…

WIll Talks Biz Episode 18 Epic Business Justin Breen

Epic Business with Justin Breen

By William Manzanares | October 19, 2022

Justin Breen joins us to give us a glimpse into the knowledge and experiences shared in his book, Epic Business. In addition to being a husband and dad, he runs two global companies, both a PR firm and a SaaS platform. Key Takeaways: {4:02 } Justin shares that the greatest joy of being an entrepreneur…

Will Talks Biz Episode 17 Hiring Process

Hiring Process

By William Manzanares | October 12, 2022

Recently Cassie applied for a position for one of my businesses to see how I have set up my hiring process. As much as I would love to hire her, we are instead using her experience to talk about the reasoning behind the system I set up for positions that come available Key Takeaways: {1:56}By…

Will Talks Biz Episode 16 Lee Cockerell

Lee Cockerell on Developing Employees

By William Manzanares | October 5, 2022

Lee Cockerell is back to share more of his leadership knowledge around developing employees. Today we talk about how in leadership you can create a culture of developing employees. Lee’s book, Customer Rules, includes a number of rules that are also helpful for a leader. One chapter that always speaks to me is, “ Be…

Create Career Magic featuring Lee Cockerell Will Talks Biz Ep 15

Create Career Magic featuring Lee Cockerell

By William Manzanares | September 28, 2022

Lee Cockerell, former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resort, is someone we have talked about frequently. Since retiring from Disney he has written several books, does speaking, and has the Cockerell Academy where he offers a variety of leadership courses. Today he joins to talk more about his book, Career Magic Key Takeaways:…

Why I Sold My Business to My Competitor Will Talks Biz Episode 14

Why I Sold My Business to My Competitor

By William Manzanares | September 21, 2022

Telling people that I sold my business to a competitor intrigues them. The idea of a competitor has created connection to thinking we have to beat them or be the best.  Looking at competitors as your adversary often comes down to your mindset. Key Takeaways: {3:57 } You might have more in common with your…

Will Talks Biz Episode 13 Walk the Front Lines

Walking the Front Lines

By William Manzanares | September 13, 2022

Anyone hired to work at The Disney Company goes through an onboarding process called Traditions. This is where you learn the history of the company, the values how we are to act them out, and key customer service. Part of the experience includes meeting people from positions throughout the company. This occurs before moving into…