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Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 45 Rick Feuling

Revolutionizing Retail Business with Technology Solutions

By William Manzanares | May 3, 2023

“How much of a rock star would a cashier look like if they knew everything about the person when they got up to the window?” As a passionate entrepreneur in the retail industry, Rick Feuling knew that there had to be a better way for businesses to improve customer service and streamline operations. He was…

Will Talks Biz Episode 44 How to Build a Winning Business Plan

How to Build a Winning Business Plan

By William Manzanares | April 26, 2023

“Don’t just pitch to win, pitch to get the business open.” During this episode Cassie and I share insights on how to differentiate business plans by highlighting unique strengths and marketing strategies. With experience in creating marketing plans for various industries, Cassie’s expertise brings valuable perspective to those looking to succeed in business plan competitions.…

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 43 Demystifying Sales with Mike Simmons

Demystifying Sales

By William Manzanares | April 19, 2023

“When you are around people who are professional sellers, they are focused on customers. They’re not focused on self, they’re focused on helping people solve problems.” After struggling with sales in his early days, Mike Simmons decided to take a different approach. Little did he know that his passion for helping others would be the…

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 42 Managing Taxes as a Business Owner

Managing Taxes as a Business Owner

By William Manzanares | April 12, 2023

“Having a professional by your side saves you time, saves you money, and gives you peace of mind.” As an entrepreneur, there were days when I struggled managing taxes as a business owner. I needed to find a reliable tax professional who could help me navigate the complexities of my business taxes. I came across…

Will Talks Biz podcast episode 41 Finding Expertise Through Experience and Failure

Finding Expertise Through Experience and Failure

By William Manzanares | April 5, 2023

“Experience is the name we give our failures.” Developing expertise in a specific area can be critical for the success of an entrepreneur. It allows them to stand out among competitors and offer unique value propositions that cater to individual customer needs. Identifying areas of expertise involves self-reflection and understanding one’s strengths, passions, and market…

Will Talks Biz Episode 40 How Much Value is too Much to Give Away

How Much Value is too Much to Give Away

By William Manzanares | March 29, 2023

“When you are creating content, when you are providing value to people, ask yourself, what do you want them to do with that information for their life or for their business?” In this episode of Will Talks biz, Cassie and I discuss the challenge many entrepreneurs and creatives find around giving away valuable information for…

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 39 Building a Successful Summit

Building a Successful Summit

By William Manzanares | March 22, 2023

“I’m a firm believer that people bank with people. An institution is important, don’t get me wrong, but people bank with a person.” After informing us about Small Business Loans in episode 38, Paul T. Long returns to talk more about the South Sound Business Summit, which he created and has been running since 2015.…

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 38 Your Guide to SBA Loans

Your Guide to SBA Loans

By William Manzanares | March 15, 2023

“The lending process is a mystery, but I’m here to peel back the onion and dive deep into the details to help educate people.” In this episode I welcome Paul Long, a 26-year banking industry veteran and SBA lending manager at a local credit union. He is on a mission to reveal the mysteries of…

Will Talks Biz Episode 37 Shifting the Monkey from your Back

Shifting the Monkey on your Back

By William Manzanares | March 8, 2023

“Don’t take on someone else’s monkey or burden – make sure you set expectations and stick to them to ensure success in your business.” In this episode, Cassie and I share about the pitfalls of taking on others’ burdens and excuses and the concept of shifting “the monkey on your back.” This phrase refers to…

WIll Talks Biz Podcast Episode 36 Entrepreneurship and Burnout

Entrepreneurship and Burnout

By William Manzanares | March 1, 2023

“Don’t take on more than you can handle, have an exit plan, and treat your business like a newborn baby – take care of it until it can walk on its own.” Over the years I have learned the delicate balance between hustling hard in entrepreneurship and burning out. As an entrepreneur it can be…