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Why I Sold My Business to My Competitor Will Talks Biz Episode 14

Why I Sold My Business to My Competitor

By William Manzanares | September 21, 2022

Telling people that I sold my business to a competitor intrigues them. The idea of a competitor has created connection to thinking we have to beat them or be the best.  Looking at competitors as your adversary often comes down to your mindset. Key Takeaways: {3:57 } You might have more in common with your…

Will Talks Biz Episode 13 Walk the Front Lines

Walking the Front Lines

By William Manzanares | September 13, 2022

Anyone hired to work at The Disney Company goes through an onboarding process called Traditions. This is where you learn the history of the company, the values how we are to act them out, and key customer service. Part of the experience includes meeting people from positions throughout the company. This occurs before moving into…

Will Talks Biz Episode 12 Giving Bonuses

Giving Bonuses in Business

By William Manzanares | September 7, 2022

Giving bonuses and incentives in businesses happens for a variety of reasons. Lately we are hearing a lot about interview-based bonuses. The ones I have used are incentive based bonuses. I have used them as a tool to motivate and inspire. While bonuses may bring a quick result, I have learned a few lessons along…

Will Talks Biz Episode 11 How to Deal with Toxix Employees

How to Deal with Toxic Employees

By William Manzanares | August 31, 2022

When you scale quickly it become easy to find yourself surrounded by toxic employees. Embezzlement, theft, and everything in-between can happen if you aren’t on top of toxic behavior.  One thing I would tell my younger self is to fire them the moment they become toxic. Today I share my experiences on leading a team…

Will Talks Biz Episode 10 Whats Stopping You

Whats Stopping You?

By William Manzanares | August 24, 2022

Today Cassie and I talk about some of the challenges that come with starting your own business. Right away I ask her about one of the action items that we discussed during her time on an Ask Will episode. It lead me to ask, “Whats stopping you?” Key Takeaways {1:57 } Get people in your…

Will Talks Biz Episode 9 featuring Katie Currens

Ask Will featuring Katie Currens

By William Manzanares | August 17, 2022

Today we continue the “Ask Will” series, where entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds and levels can share their concerns and get insight from me. This episode is with Katie Currens, founder and Chief Engagement Officer of One Spark Solutions. Katie’s non-linear career showed her the need for people to reconnect with their curiosity and…

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 8 Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

By William Manzanares | August 10, 2022

Any time you put yourself out in the world you are opening yourself up to receiving negative feedback. My perspective on customer reviews has shifted since publishing my own book. When you look at reviews as opportunities to learn and improve, the current and future customers can be forgiving. Customers should love you so much…

Will Talks Biz Episode 7 Writing a Book

Writing a Book

By William Manzanares | August 3, 2022

The experiences I had as a child with dyslexia became my drive for writing a book. When I look back at my early years in school, I remember the times a teacher would have students read out loud, regardless of our ability. Kids would become impatient when I’d not know a word. For me it…

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 6 Delusion of Success

Delusion of Success

By William Manzanares | July 27, 2022

Entrepreneurs tend to look at other entrepreneurs and get caught up in a comparison game. This can cause a delusion of success and feelings of imposter syndrome. Episode Highlights: {1:36} The more shiny objects or things that you try to chase after or brag about, the more you will set you up for failure. Any…

Will Talks Biz Episode 5 Ask Will featuring Cassie Tucker

Ask Will featuring Cassie Tucker

By William Manzanares | July 20, 2022

We are kicking off a series of episodes called, “Ask Will” featuring Cassie Tucker. Entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds and levels can share their concerns and get insight from me. This episode is with Cassie Tucker, co-founder of CAMM Media. She asks, “After bootstrapping and building all aspects of my business, I am ready…