Whats Stopping You?

Will Talks Biz Episode 10 Whats Stopping YouToday Cassie and I talk about some of the challenges that come with starting your own business. Right away I ask her about one of the action items that we discussed during her time on an Ask Will episode. It lead me to ask, “Whats stopping you?”

Key Takeaways

{1:57 } Get people in your team or as a contractor to take care of some of the things you need done within your business so you can grow.

{2:55} There were times my bookkeeper was making more money than I was as a business owner. However, when you hire someone that is better at something than you would be they tend to be more efficient.

{4:47} Where do you value your time? Being a workaholic comes from an unwillingness to spend money to save you time. That time you get back allows you to spend it on things you value. Then you get better use of your time.

{7:37} There is nothing stopping you but your own headspace. The only person stopping you is you, especially by saying you aren’t experienced enough or don’t have the time.

{9:24} The thing that was stopping me in my business was hiring the wrong people that were destroying the good people.

{10:55} I’ve always looked at competition as an opportunity to find something that they are not working on. Despite having a huge competitor right by me, I could see they were lacking in customer service, speed, and efficiency. See what they are not doing and become an expert at that.

{13:40} In my biggest setbacks when I felt isolated and alone I ultimately thought how can I get better at this? In my more recent setbacks I have thought, “how can I help someone else?” As I was wishing for things it lead me to start building it as I was looking for answers.

{15:14} When you start asking yourself how it can be better or what it would look like, it changes your mindset from a self-loathing to a more upbeat and opportunistic mindset.

We were all born into this world knowing nothing and were nurtured to where we are today. It’s time to go live your dreams. If you don’t then someone else will them while you are living in regret. Whats stopping you?

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