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Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 8 Customer ReviewsAny time you put yourself out in the world you are opening yourself up to receiving negative feedback. My perspective on customer reviews has shifted since publishing my own book.

When you look at reviews as opportunities to learn and improve, the current and future customers can be forgiving. Customers should love you so much that they want to leave a review.

Episode Highlights

{2:48} Negative reviews tend to stick with us the most, but you have to think about the customers you’re serving and the most positive review you’ve received.

{6:23} The way a company responds to reviews says a lot about the way they will respond to you.

{8:52} When you get a review take time to respond with a simple “thank you” for their business or thank them for their feedback and ask if they have a suggestion. Do not ignore them and do not feel the need to over-explain yourself.

{13:51}If you ask someone for additional feedback, make sure to take the time to follow up with them so they know they have been heard and that you are addressing the concern they brought to your attention.

{14:14} Turn an unhappy customer into a raving fan by being empathetic and responsive to what they share with you.

{17:04} Do not remove valid reviews with concern, but don’t hesitate to flag or report spam.

{18:07} Set your team up for success early in your business by being real, care for the customer, and treat people the way that you would like to. And when you are starting out be direct when asking for reviews.

Customer reviews need to be looked at in context. Are they upset with service and quality, or are they mad that they were asked for ID or that there were unavoidable cost increases. Raise the expectations for those that left the five-star review, so they know they chose the right way. Treat those that left a one-star review as if they are still a five star because maybe they will come back.

There is always room for improvement. Customer reviews are a perfect way to know the areas you need to focus on.

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