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Will Talks Biz Episode 9 featuring Katie CurrensToday we continue the “Ask Will” series, where entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds and levels can share their concerns and get insight from me.

This episode is with Katie Currens, founder and Chief Engagement Officer of One Spark Solutions. Katie’s non-linear career showed her the need for people to reconnect with their curiosity and creativity professional purpose. As she builds her business she is challenged with identifying a key market.

“How do I decide where to focus and dig deeper now, while continuing to work on building a platform and voice on a larger scale?

Episode Highlights

{4:40} The challenge with serving her current clients is that her professional history in education creates more emotional triggers since there is a need to innovate, yet so many systemic and mindset barriers. There are times she doesn’t feel she is moving the needle enough without getting in front of leadership.

{7:16} The moments where we feel frustrated and think “I really don’t like what I’m doing and I really want to focus on what I could be doing” are a trap. Sometimes when we are so focused on thinking “I’m so good at this, but I want to be somewhere else” we forget the value of reputation and word of mouth.

{9:46} It’s great for entrepreneurs to know where they want to be, but they should never forget who pays their check. And that’s the current clients.

{11:01} Where you want to be is great. How you get there is a journey. It includes keeping the revenue coming in by current clients while you’re working toward the next ones.

{13:05}  Is it ever too risky to turn away opportunities while you’re still building? I suggest focusing on the core of what you are doing.

You can’t get to where you want to be if you’re not doing a good job where you’re at now.

Trying to chase the glamorous side of where your business could be eliminates the actual opportunity in front of you.

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