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Will Talks Biz Episode 7 Writing a BookThe experiences I had as a child with dyslexia became my drive for writing a book. When I look back at my early years in school, I remember the times a teacher would have students read out loud, regardless of our ability. Kids would become impatient when I’d not know a word. For me it unlocked a competitive side that was not going to let that happen anymore.

{2:03} Public reading is my greatest fear. It was even more in school, so I started looking ahead to prepare for my turn.

{3:35} If you aren’t able to read, keep faking it until you make it. If you get publicly embarrassed, fine, now what are going to do next to make it better next time. Don’t give up.

{6:04} When I discovered audio books I realized I was retaining more than I ever had with reading a book. I was so impacted by audio books that I cancelled Netflix and paid for Audible.

{11:35} If you’re wanting to write, just start. Write every day. Journal or write in a meaningful way. The times that are the most humbling for you may be the greatest lessons for you later.

{13:32} I kept finding books that were great for parents, but I could never find a book from people that went through that experience. I started to think, “how many kids have survived school by counting desks to read ahead?” There are people that could relate to me or benefit from my experience.

{16:21} When you write a book you will face criticism. Just remember, you aren’t writing for everyone. Focus on the people that you are trying to reach and the people that appreciate you message.

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