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Will Talks Biz Episode 5 Ask Will featuring Cassie TuckerWe are kicking off a series of episodes called, “Ask Will” featuring Cassie Tucker. Entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds and levels can share their concerns and get insight from me.

This episode is with Cassie Tucker, co-founder of CAMM Media. She asks, “After bootstrapping and building all aspects of my business, I am ready to scale. How can I start delegating so I can build the business to double and even triple it?”

Episode Highlights

{2:15} Some of the most successful business started during recessions or major setbacks.

{3:07} Selling and bookkeeping are two areas Cassie is looking for the most support in.

{4:46} Get a bookkeeper. There is a tendency to not want to hire out because it can be expensive. You may think “I can save money doing it myself.” However, when you outsource that, you can get that time back to spend on what your passionate about and why you started the business.

{8:20} For booking now, I look at it once a month. However, starting out it’s good to ask a lot of questions including how much time it will take. Sometimes the systems you think the bookkeeper should do is not the most effective way. Ask them to see what you’re doing and what ways they can improve upon it.

{11:53} Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable with someone with more expertise doing your books than risking a major financial mistake that you could make?

{14:36} Word of mouth has been the key driver of the business thus far, so why not continue with that? At what point do you look at new clients or consider upselling to existing clients.

{17:13} Ask all your current clients if there is anyone they know that could benefit from the service you provide. Follow up by asking if they can ask if they need or would like to learn more about your services. Meanwhile, if you see an opportunity for your current clients, offer them that upsell.

{20:46} A lot of times we throw many ideas out there and get hung up on one idea. We don’t know what will work though. We learn what doesn’t work once it fails. But if you are having success through word of mouth, then continue to do that by upselling and asking.

Serve the customer so well that they cannot help but recommend you.

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