Customer Service Isn’t Dead. Here’s Why.

The day that changed my life was the day my former business partner ended the partnership by clearing out the store and bank account.  My mantra “without customers you don’t have a business” was born based on the events that followed that discouraging experience.

I knew I had to make sure the customers wouldn’t leave, which is why I turned my focus to customer service.

Episode highlights:

{4:08} If a customer thinks you’re out {of business}, they won’t come back. I used what resources I could to keep shelves stocked and serve the customers that stuck around

{5:07} Employees left, but some stuck around and the ones that did knew what I meant when I told them, “I’ve got ya.”

{6:32}It became important to look at examples of good customer service and look at how I can in turn customer service

{8:49} You must have better customer service than your competition. That is one controllable factor you have in your business, and is what lead me down my path the help others with theirs.

{10:32} Algorithms started putting books about Disney and customer service in front of me after my search to possibly attend Disney Institute Training

{11:18}  Lee Cockerell’s book Customer Rules was one that really stood out. It is now one I require applicants to read it in order to work for me.

{13:10} Requiring employees to read the book has cut down on training I would have had to do. They now they have defined rules and examples. It also has eliminated candidates that weren’t willing to invest in their career development

{16:05} The way you treat employees and the culture you build impacts customer service because it sets expectations


Customer Rules by Lee Cockerell

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Book I Can’t Read: A Guide to Success Through Failure



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