Hiring Slow

All job seekers have a 26.2% probability of receiving a job offer. Typically entry level positions have more offers than other roles, but for any position it really comes down to the interview process.

Who you higher will greatly affect your whole team. To consciously think about who you are hiring is what I mean about hiring slow. Don’t just hire anyone that shows up to an interview.

Episode Highlights

{4:08) Anyone can look up questions to ask in an interview. I like to ask open ended ones that get you to learn a lot about the individual right out of the gate.

{5:02} I’ve tried a variety of things in the interview process, including personality tests and assessments, but in the end requiring them to read the book Customer Rules by Lee Cockerell has been the most impactful

{6:48} Using the book has helped show candidates that are invested in their own growth and are willing to take on unique projects and feedback

{9:09} I always send the same questions to candidates, starting with the requirement to read the book. That has become a benchmark and provides an efficient system that can quickly eliminate or highlight candidates.

{11:18} Prepare for interviews by reevaluating the questions. Are you asking because you think you have to, or does it add more value to the interview>

{12:28} My favorite question from an interviewee was “how can I improve upon my interview?” That reveals that they are someone that has the mindset that they want to perfect what they are doing. They are in a state of improvement.

{15:45} If you don’t hire slow you will end up like other companies with high turnover. You can prevent a lot of bad hires by taking a process, slowing it down, and asking the right questions.

{17:14} Reading a book changed my life and I know it can change others. It allows you to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, see from someone else’s perspective, and opens up your mind to thinking more creatively.

What book could become a standard for your company?

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