Jeff Barnes and the Wisdom of Walt

Will Talks Biz Episode 25 Jeff Barnes and the Wisdom of Walt

It’s not hard to remember your first visit to Disneyland. My first reaction in the parking lot was, “what? That’s it? I thought it would be huge!” Yet I had a wonderful time making memories that have stuck with me ever since then. Today’s guest is someone that hated his first trip to Disneyland. However,…

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Capturing Your Story for a Book

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 23 Capturing Your Story for a Book with Jody Maberry

Capturing your story for a book can be an incredible challenge. When I wrote my book it brought up a lot of emotion and many nights wondering if I should even do it. However, I stay focused on the end goal of helping someone who struggles with reading. It’s a roller coaster of emotion that…

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Public Speaking with Scott McKain

Will Talk Biz ep 21 Public Speaking with Scott McKain

In this episode, we learn about the experiences that come from writing and public speaking featuring Scott McKain.  He is an expert at helping businesses understand how to stand out in a hyper-competitive marketplace. The conversation with Scott is powerful because he shares how much his journey to get better positively impacts the work he…

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Writing a Book

Will Talks Biz Episode 7 Writing a Book

The experiences I had as a child with dyslexia became my drive for writing a book. When I look back at my early years in school, I remember the times a teacher would have students read out loud, regardless of our ability. Kids would become impatient when I’d not know a word. For me it…

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