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Will Talks Biz Episode 16 Lee CockerellLee Cockerell is back to share more of his leadership knowledge around developing employees. Today we talk about how in leadership you can create a culture of developing employees. Lee’s book, Customer Rules, includes a number of rules that are also helpful for a leader. One chapter that always speaks to me is, “ Be like a bee.”

Key Takeaways:

{2:09 } There was an old story about a little girl asking Walt Disney is he still draws Mickey Mouse. He explains that he is now a bee. He is the pollen and the pollinator that captures ideas and takes them new places so they can make things.

{5:05} Have respect for everyone because everyone matters. Every day your reputation is growing or getting worse. Every day you have the opportunity to make your culture better or worse. I want people to be excited when they see me.

{7:13} Excellence is a state of mind and it will come to life in your organization depending on how you lead.

{9:28} If a leader doesn’t think the front line is for them then they may want to reconsider their position. When you are on the front lines you are able to understand the business and the experience of your team and customers.

{11:46} Experience is the MBA of life. Scholastics may change over time, but the more you experience the more you continue to learn and grow over time.

{14:40} Lee never imagined the impact of the books he released when he wrote his first one. He knows that when people learn from him their lives get better because they realized the importance of experience, exposure, and education.

As a leader you work to grow people, not to control them. Without trust you will never get results.

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