Capturing Your Story for a Book

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 23 Capturing Your Story for aBook with Jody Maberry

Capturing your story for a book can be an incredible challenge. When I wrote my book it brought up a lot of emotion and many nights wondering if I should even do it. However, I stay focused on the end goal of helping someone who struggles with reading. It’s a roller coaster of emotion that is worth pushing through the discomfort. On the last episode Jody Maberry talked about the discomfort of hearing his own voice when he started podcasting and it led me to wanting to ask more questions. We couldn’t be more grateful to have him back this episode.

Key Takeaways:

{3:00} Having an audio book is incredibly important thing for authors to offer. It makes your content more accessible to a larger audience.

{5:27} Books are often a collection of people’s best ideas. Jody helps people shape the content that will go in the book and pull out the stories and lessons that go with it.

{7:20} One of the more impactful ways to pull out a story is by walking through their entire career from the most recent all the way back to the beginning. More times than not as you move through your career journey there will be ideas and memories that come up that were otherwise forgotten.

{8:35} Too often people don’t see the significance in their own story. However, your story could be the difference maker for someone because people are able to see themselves in you.

{11:15} By listening to books I learned more about my own story and the value in your story. I was going to write a business book that would help others through my setbacks. “I Can’t Read” came about my complete accident as I was promoting literacy and help people within their own career.

{13:43} If you think you want to write a book start by journaling each day. There is a story inside of you, you just need to find time to let it out.

{16:12}  When you write your story it can feel like a weight lifted. It also gives people a glimpse of the story that they can see themselves in. Then its about you and them, not just about you.

{17:00} Lee Cockerell’s book changed my life and has changed the life of many others I have given it to. If he hadn’t told his story my life could have looked very different.

“You don’t know if anyone will read it. But you can at least help one person. If you help one person isn’t that more than you would have done without it?.”

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