How to Hire Great Talent

Will Talks Biz Episode 28 How to Hire Great Talent with Tim Dyck

Kicking off the new year by having a conversation with Tim Dyck, owner of Best Culture Solutions, about how to hire great talent. Tim helps organizations have a great workplace culture. No person should go through their career without feeling fulfillment in what they do. That is why Tim works with employers on recruitment services and HR consulting. In addition, he helps candidates with job search coaching.

Key Takeaways:

{3:46} Business have a common need; clarity of process.

{5:22} An interviewer is going to want to see if the candidate is action oriented. Make sure to tie any stories in to the interview that show your ability to take action in the role you are interviewing for.

{7:28} When people are aligned with their mission and purpose, they bring a lot of free fuel to help you within you organizations. Use questions that help identify their internal passion.

{11:43} Use specifics when you are asked a question as an interviewee. It may result in you giving an honest answer that results in you not getting the job. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing. It is possible that position was not going to be a good fit for you.

{13:25} Start an interview by asking someone to explain their story in their own words. It is a great ice breaker that gets them more comfortable. They will get them to open more when you get into more substantial questions.

{16:16} Hiring slow decreases the amount of time you have to release people when you get it right. By having the right interview process in place you have a 95% success rate. That is because you are finding the right people for the role.

{22:01} Every time you add a step to your process you have to ask yourself is it adding value. If it is your fifth interview, there is a possibility that you are diminishing returns on what else you can gain from that.

{28:21} If you want to know how to hire great talent, make sure to look beyond the experience someone has had. See if they are self-motivated and motivated to learn their business. You can find the best people with the least experience.


“Recruiting services can help you find the right candidate committed to your mission.

“If you don’t take the time to train people on how to interview then you will continue having to fill positions. As a result, you will feel like you constantly are filling holes. Do you want to fill a hole over and over and over again?”

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