Positive Experiences Sell

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 30 Positive Experiences Sell

There is a lot of potential for success with Airbnb. The most important thing to remeber is that positive experiences sell. Focus on creating a positive experience for your guests. Using knowledge about customer service gives you the opportunity to make more revenue than with traditional single-family rentals. Daniel Rusteen is a former Airbnb employee that has pivoted into entrepreneurship to teach people how to manage, list, and rent their Airbnb with success.

Key Takeaways:

{7:28} Since 2017 Daniel has stayed in Airbnbs over 2,000 nights, which is what sets his perspective apart from others who don’t have the experience of the guest perspective.

{10:30} One of the biggest things to consider is if you want to be totally hands off or not. If you know you don’t want to do anything then you need to have a property manager. But be strategic on who you work with.

{12:57} Two things to consider to set your property up for success; the online aspect and the offline aspect.

{18:30} As the host you want control of your listing if you go with a property management company. You don’t want them to put your listing on their account because if you want to switch, you want those reviews on your account.

{23:20} Housekeeping fees for short term vacation rental companies are going to run between 15% – 25%. Depending on much you value your time and your cleaner, they can end up being another great support with a direct line of communication with you regarding the property.

{28:30} The bar is set really low for guest experience in Airbnb, so pay attention to what you can provide them or ways to give a unique experience. Holidays and special occasions present perfect opportunities for this.

{35:00} Try to get to know your neighbors and find a way to work with them. This can help prevent feelings of displeasure.

{38:54}Top 3 Important things when hosting an Airbnb are the number of reviews, review rating, and acceptance rating.


“Communicate the most information you can in the least number of photos, texts, and information.”

“The trick with Airbnb is working {proactively} to avoid any problem you can.”

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