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Will Talks Biz podcast Episode 76 Being an Accessible leader

“My goal was to make sure I knew what was really happening, not what people wanted me to think was happening.”

It is such an honor to talk with a very special guest, Lee Cockerell, the former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World, to discuss the importance of being an accessible leader. Lee shares valuable insights on fostering strong connections and building trust, from engaging with employees and guests to embracing virtual accessibility. His wealth of experience emphasizes the power of accessibility in leadership

Lee emphasizes the significance of making oneself accessible to employees, customers, and colleagues. Be accessible and tell everyone you are. Most people don’t take advantage of it, so you will not get bothered as much as you think you would. Lee has openly shared his contact information throughout his career. His accessibility leads to genuine connections, and ultimately to valuable opportunities and relationships.

When you’re accessible, you’ll learn things that you may not want to learn, but it’s crucial for understanding what’s really happening in your business or organization. For example, during his time at Disney Lee learned the pivotal role of accessibility in understanding the reality of business operations, and how it reflects on the guest experience.

Accessibility is not limited to physical presence. In today’s virtual world, technology like Zoom and regular phone calls can help maintain accessibility and connection with teams and customers. There are many ways to maintain accessibility and connection in a virtual work environment. No matter which way you choose, just remember the importance of staying in touch with employees and customers through varied communication channels.

Lee’s commitment to creating positive change and empowering individuals from all walks of life is reflected in his book and courses on the Cockerell Academy. His newest course, “Frontline,” will bring essential knowledge for success, particularly aimed at frontline employees and aspiring professionals. Check out Lee Cockerell’s offerings, including upcoming courses, books, newsletter, and insights on leadership and customer service by visiting his website,

Remember, accessibility, strong leadership, and commitment to growth are indispensable elements in the pursuit of success. Lee Cockerell’s guidance is inspiring and practical for all professionals.

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Episode highlights

01:12 Leaders often promote their accessibility and availability, but few take advantage.

05:37 The importance of understanding their problems and being accessible.

06:25 Make contact information available and follow up when they reach out.

11:58 Business growth through accessibility while navigating corporate culture.

12:58 Make life easy for customers, stay connected.

16:59 Tips for success in first job and career.

21:21 Lee’s book “Customer Rules” and online courses at Cockerell Academy.


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