The Importance of Sharing Your Story

It’s important to remember to step back and celebrate those milestones and those small winds. And because I think that’s kind of fuel to keep moving forward. There is one topic that I believe is crucial for personal and professional growth – the importance of sharing your story. Too many leaders underestimate the significance of…

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Shifting From Entrepreneurship to the Corporate World

Will Talks Biz episode 61 shifting from entrepreneurship to the corporate world

“Don’t be stuck in the ‘only if’ mindset. Get out of your head and start solving your customers, clients, or guests’ problems, and you will be successful.” – Will Manzaneras There are many people that wonder if their entrepreneurship experience is beneficial for corporations. Recently Cassie decided to apply for a job in a local…

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The Power of Social Entrepreneurship

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 59 The power of social entrepreneurship

“With everything going on in the world there’s an opportunity for having more people at the table thinking about solutions in creative ways.” Neetal Parekh, the founder of Innov8social, joins for a conversation about the power of social entrepreneurship. She is an incredibly passionate guide for aspiring change-makers and dedicated to making social entrepreneurship more…

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Avoiding Business Scams

“If something feels off, usually that means something probably is off.” There are several challenges within business ownership that tend to weigh on peoples minds, yet are not talked about enough. One that Cassie and I felt drawn to discuss is the importance of being aware of and avoiding business scams. Recently I encountered a…

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How to Build a Winning Business Plan

Will Talks Biz Episode 44 How to Build a Winning Business Plan

“Don’t just pitch to win, pitch to get the business open.” During this episode Cassie and I share insights on how to differentiate business plans by highlighting unique strengths and marketing strategies. With experience in creating marketing plans for various industries, Cassie’s expertise brings valuable perspective to those looking to succeed in business plan competitions.…

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Entrepreneurship and Burnout

WIll Talks Biz Podcast Episode 36 Entrepreneurship and Burnout

“Don’t take on more than you can handle, have an exit plan, and treat your business like a newborn baby – take care of it until it can walk on its own.” Over the years I have learned the delicate balance between hustling hard in entrepreneurship and burning out. As an entrepreneur it can be…

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