Jumping on the Train to Unexpected Opportunities

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 83 Jumping on the Train to Unexpected Opportunities

“You have to have to have the vision. Once you have the vision, once you jump on the train, you take it to the end.”

In this episode of “Will Talks Biz,” we welcome Gerald Rosengarten, the author of “Jump on the Train,” a memoir detailing his experiences as a dyslexic entrepreneur. He talks about overcoming obstacles, the power of tenacity, the importance of vision, and why he calls a certain type of long-term profitable idea a “drizzler”.

Despite having dyslexia, Gerald has embarked on a remarkable 50-year entrepreneurial ride, from humble beginnings in a small NYC apartment to groundbreaking ventures in fashion, real estate, and technology. His candidness about his dyslexia sheds light on the challenges he overcame and how it shaped his unique entrepreneurial approach. His journey exemplifies how leveraging one’s strengths and innovative thinking can lead to extraordinary achievements.

“Jump on the Train” not only shares Gerald’s ventures but also imparts invaluable wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs. His advice on tenacity, seizing opportunities, and embracing challenges is invaluable for anyone looking to make their mark in the business world. Gerald Rosengarten’s story is a testament to the indomitable spirit of entrepreneurship and serves as a beacon of hope for those facing obstacles. Share this thread and let’s celebrate the power of resilience, innovation, and the pursuit of dreams!

Make sure to listen to the full episode now for more from Gerald Rosengarten on his journey as a entrepreneur with dyslexia, and the inspiration behind his book “Jump on the Train”.

Connect with Gerald:

Order the book Jump On the Train

Website: https://www.jumponthetrainbook.com/

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Book I Can’t Read: A Guide to Success Through Failure

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Key Moments

02:27 Overcoming dyslexia to start business.

06:58 Perfection can lead to more failure than success

10:51 How to face challenges as an entrepreneur.

13:38  Adults with dyslexia face challenges in school, can find empowerment through technology and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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