Standing Out as an Entry Level Candidate

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 88 Standing Out As an Entry Level Candidate

“In a world where hiring managers, leaders, business owners are flooded with 100, maybe even 1,000 of applications, taking one step further and reaching out directly and making that connection is oftentimes a way to stand out.”

There are a number of ways to stand out as an entry-level candidate in today’s competitive job market. Many people think hiring decisions are all about qualifications. In reality, it is also about attitude, initiative, and dedication. Never underestimate the importance of making personal connections, researching the company you’re applying to, and demonstrating flexibility as an entry-level candidate.

Make a personal connection by going beyond a generic application submission. Reach out directly to hiring managers or business owners. It is a fairly easy way to stand out from the sea of applicants. This personal touch can make a lasting impression and set you apart in the hiring process.

Once you get that call for an interview spend time researching the organization. Before an interview, make sure to learn about the position, the company, and its offerings. Demonstrate your knowledge by asking thoughtful questions about the role and the organization. This shows your genuine interest in the opportunity.

Be prepared with ways to show willingness to learn and be flexible. Whether through volunteer work, running programs, or other community involvement, showcase your dedication to personal and professional growth. Displaying a proactive and adaptable attitude will make you an attractive candidate for potential employers.

Make sure to take a listen to the full episode for more on strategies for young professionals and entry-level workers looking to stand out in the job market. Share this episode for anyone you may know that is looking for actionable advice on how to thrive in their job search and career development.

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Key Moments

00:00 Job market challenges, importance of eagerness to learn.

03:55 People will say they read, but don’t understand.

07:31 Use social media for research, make personal connections.

11:33 Consider employer, show flexibility, avoid last-minute issues.

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