Will Spent $2,500 on What?!

“The way you respond to those negative reviews, that means more than the negative review itself.” It is not uncommon to encounter challenges with a contractor during a personal building project. However, a recent situation dealing with a difficult contractor left me facing some unanticipated ethical challenges. After a less than favorable experience I was…

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Never Argue With a Customer

“in a business, you need to be sure to clarify when you tell employees that something is a rule versus a law versus a restriction or regulation.” Frustrating customer service experiences are great reminders of the importance of delivering exceptional service. Recently I had a less than favorable interaction at a store while trying to…

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Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 67 creating the ultimate customer experience

“It’s unbelievable that companies will spend so much money in marketing and then have an experience that doesn’t live up to the invitation, the marketing that they have extended.” – Scott McKain We couldn’t be more appreciative to have renowned speaker, consultant, coach, and author, Scott McKain, back to talk about creating the ultimate customer…

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Shifting the Monkey on your Back

Will Talks Biz Episode 37 Shifting the Monkey from your Back

“Don’t take on someone else’s monkey or burden – make sure you set expectations and stick to them to ensure success in your business.” In this episode, Cassie and I share about the pitfalls of taking on others’ burdens and excuses and the concept of shifting “the monkey on your back.” This phrase refers to…

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Walking the Front Lines

Will Talks Biz Episode 13 Walk the Front Lines

Anyone hired to work at The Disney Company goes through an onboarding process called Traditions. This is where you learn the history of the company, the values how we are to act them out, and key customer service. Part of the experience includes meeting people from positions throughout the company. This occurs before moving into…

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Customer Reviews

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 8 Customer Reviews

Any time you put yourself out in the world you are opening yourself up to receiving negative feedback. My perspective on customer reviews has shifted since publishing my own book. When you look at reviews as opportunities to learn and improve, the current and future customers can be forgiving. Customers should love you so much…

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