Firing Fast

Hiring slow and firing fast was not a concept I was familiar with early in my career. That all changed when I started focusing more on customer service.

Episode Highlights

{1:33} If you want to have the best customer service, you have to hire the best based on what your business needs

{3:14} When you set clear expectations it leaves no room for misunderstanding

{4:34}The clearest way I fire someone is based on “will this serve our customers or disserve them”. There is no excuse for not knowing what expectations are when I set them from the beginning

{5:21} I no longer have guilt when it comes to firing people. I have watched people with bad traits completely wear out people with good traits, and I am here for the good employees.

{6:31} You can’t motivate people, you can only find the ones that motivate themselves and lead them to do their job well.

{8:02} In order to better serve my team, I focused on only hiring the best. If I brought in mediocre employees it would drain the good ones causing them to want to look for a different job. The most draining employees cause the good ones to quit.

{9:32} If someone is fired I don’t make a big deal about it, but reinforce the expectation with the other team members. It answers their questions about what happened, while showing appreciation for them following the expectations.

{11:49} Be better at a task than an employee, but then give them the growth to be who they want to become.

{13:22} Do not fire when you’re angry. Take a step back and assess the situation, but at the same time don’t hesitate to fire when it is needing to occur.

{14:06} Assess the situation. Have confidence in your decision. Fire Fast.

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