The Power of Now

“Plan for it, but don’t worry about every possible outcome. You’ll spend more time worrying about every possible thing that could go wrong than just focusing on what you have to do to make it go right.” There is a book that has been making waves among successful CEOs and Fortune 500 companies: “The Power…

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Juggling Multiple Projects

“Accountability certainly helps keep you on track for accomplishing whatever your goals are, launching products or ideas that you have.” The idea of juggling multiple projects is something that many entrepreneurs can relate to. In this episode, Cassie and I talk about the challenges and strategies for staying organized and on track for our goals across…

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Building Confidence for Making Your First Hire

Will Talks Biz podcast ep 62 Building Confidence for Making Your First Hire

Don’t let the fear of what hasn’t even happened stop you from trying. Bad months will come, but when you have employees, you pay them first. You’re the paid last. – Micah Tucker Micah Tucker, owner of Florida Coast Canine, joins for a discussion on strategies for business growth and confidently making your first hire.…

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Scaling Safely and Successfully

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 57 Scaling Safely and Successfully

Karly Thompson, co-founder of Millennial Social Media Marketing, has a focus on social media marketing and content creation. She joins this episode of “Ask Will” to ask questions about her business challenges around scaling safely and successfully. These conversations offer so much value with raw advice and experiences from fellow entrepreneurs. In Karly’s case, she…

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Making a Business Pivot

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 54 Making a Business Plan Pivot

“When people ask, ‘What do you do?’ they are really asking, ‘What can you do for me?’” Too many people don’t take action on their business ideas because they feel stuck, frustrated, and unsure of what to do next. It is important to pay attention to the challenges you experience as an entrepreneur. Those are…

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Real Estate Investments 101

Will Talks Biz Episode 53 Real Estate Investments 101

“Find an agent who returns your calls.” My introduction to the world of real estate came from an insatiable curiosity that led me to read numerous books on the subject. I initially thought about experimenting with single-family rentals. However, as I continued to research I chose not to pursue Airbnb due to the challenges it…

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Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Will Talks Biz episode 52 Dalton Gilbert

“Business is not just about numbers. It’s about the relationships and the connections that you’re building .” Dalton Gilbert is an ambitious entrepreneur and the GM of Caliber Collision in Orlando, Florida. Growing up in Virginia, he wasn’t surrounded by entrepreneurs or people who sought to build their own businesses. Instead, people in his community…

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Lessons Learned from Lee Cockerell’s Mastermind

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 8 Lessons Learned from Lee Cockerells Mastermind

“Just start asking. When you ask other business owners for advice, they generally give it.” Cassie just spent several days alongside Lee Cockerell and attendees of his “Creating Magic Mastermind” event. Her experience inspired a conversation about the importance of mentorship and community for entrepreneurs. During the event entrepreneurs from different industries present their business…

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Steps to Building a Side Hustle

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 47 steps to building a side hustle

“Don’t let others define what you should be doing.” In recent years, I’ve talked to many people who struggle with defining their side hustles and understanding when it’s time to turn them into full-time gigs. I’ve realized that it’s essential to identify what you don’t enjoy doing and then focus on developing a passion or…

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Demystifying Sales

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 43 Demystifying Sales with Mike Simmons

“When you are around people who are professional sellers, they are focused on customers. They’re not focused on self, they’re focused on helping people solve problems.” After struggling with sales in his early days, Mike Simmons decided to take a different approach. Little did he know that his passion for helping others would be the…

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