Jeff Barnes and the Wisdom of Walt

Will Talks Biz Episode 25 Jeff Barnes and the Wisdom of Walt

It’s not hard to remember your first visit to Disneyland. My first reaction in the parking lot was, “what? That’s it? I thought it would be huge!” Yet I had a wonderful time making memories that have stuck with me ever since then. Today’s guest is someone that hated his first trip to Disneyland. However,…

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Podcasting 101 with Jody Maberry

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 22 Podcasting 101 with Jody Maberry

Any time I listed to the podcast “Creating Disney Magic” with Lee Cockerell and Jody Maberry I feel like I’m there in the room with them as they discuss leadership and customer service. The show and topics offer information that reaches a broad audience. Today Cassie and I are thrilled to enjoy podcasting with Jody.…

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Transparency in Business

Will Talks Biz episode 20 transparency in business

It is not uncommon for people to reach out about collaborating. They will be incredibly gracious and flattering within their request. However, things don’t always stay that way. Make sure to have transparency in business so you are aware of when people are wanting to fill their wallets with your money. The more you try…

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Ask Will featuring Katie Currens

Will Talks Biz Episode 9 featuring Katie Currens

Today we continue the “Ask Will” series, where entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds and levels can share their concerns and get insight from me. This episode is with Katie Currens, founder and Chief Engagement Officer of One Spark Solutions. Katie’s non-linear career showed her the need for people to reconnect with their curiosity and…

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Introduction to Will Talks Biz

Welcome to the introduction episode to Will Talks Biz with Will Manzanares. Failure is a common denominator There are many moments that we count as failures that are so big we never forget them. Change happens with what you decide to do next.  Do you give up or do you persevere? Will kept his dyslexia…

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