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Will Talks Biz Episode 19 Epic Life Justin BreenJustin Breen joins us again to talk about his newest book, Epic Life. This book focuses on how to build collaborative global companies while putting your family first. It’s what many people want, but don’t know how to do. Justin certainly does though because in addition to being a husband and dad, he runs two global companies, both a PR firm and a SaaS platform.

Key Takeaways:

{7:03} Epic Life was written for the world’s top entrepreneurs as well as for those that are wanting to get there.

{13:27} With an IQ of 139, one point below genius, Justin is able to be a bridge between the high IQ genius and the more typical, or even divergent, thinkers. Essentially connecting genius with another type of genius.

{11:42} Four stages Justin has observed when starting a company; Get to get, get to give, give to get, give to give. Entrepreneurs tend to exist in the give-to-give area, but only to the people that get it. They don’t spend time giving to someone that doesn’t get it because they are not going to get introduced to someone that gets it.

{16:18} The loss of my father changed me. One thing someone shared with me after his passing has stuck with me. “Maybe when we die we get to look at our whole life and we have the choice to come back to stay gone. Maybe your father got to see what your life would be like if he lived.” That became my mantra, because I wanted to live more after he passed away than I ever did before.

{18:03} Each chapter of Justin’s book, Epic Life, is a lesson from a top entrepreneurs or visionaries. His first chapter called “The Cream Rises to the Top” and is based on an amazing story found in his dad’s diary during his time as a bomb spotter.

{20:32} Gratitude has had a great impact on Justin’s life. Three actionable ways he stays grateful every day are by 1) write in a journal about things he is grateful for, 2) run outside regardless of conditions and 3) do a grateful journal on LinkedIn.

{27:56} The last lesson in Justin’s book didn’t come from a top entrepreneur. It came from a local soccer player who shared a powerful reminder to “just enjoy playing”.

“When you’re constantly grateful it’s hard to be ungrateful. Gratitude attracts great people.”

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