Podcasting 101 with Jody Maberry

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 22 Podcasting 101 with Jody MaberryAny time I listed to the podcast “Creating Disney Magic” with Lee Cockerell and Jody Maberry I feel like I’m there in the room with them as they discuss leadership and customer service. The show and topics offer information that reaches a broad audience. Today Cassie and I are thrilled to enjoy podcasting with Jody. He joins us to share his podcast knowledge including how it can be a great way to build a brand.

Key Takeaways:

{4:07} Starting a podcast is a great way to challenge yourself to show up consistently and refine your own messaging.

{6:22} Podcasts allow you to build an audience and have people connect with you well beyond your geographical location. If your primary audience is local it could also be a recruiting tool by drawing in people to your business.

{7:25} ROI for a podcast can be hard to measure because the value is beyond direct sales. It helps build you reach, reputation, helps refine your own content, and can help with recruiting.

{9:30} There are three big hurdles to podcasting. One is that people do not like the sound of their own voice, including Jody. Another is that they are wondering if people will want to hear what they have to say. The third is wondering if they will have any listeners.

{13:33} If you are interested in podcasting a great way to start is to break it into many smaller topics. The more you can narrow your bigger idea down into smaller topics, the more you will draw people in to specific content. Sometimes those very narrow and specific episodes will be your best performing.

{15:13} To publish a podcast you need a hosting platform, but not many other specific tools. The technology and equipment should not be a hurdle. If you are still overwhelmed find someone to help with the production side of things.

{17:57} Podcasting can open big doors, such as Jody getting requested to keynote after someone heard him speaking on one of his podcasts.

“If you hold on to things because you don’t like the way you sound, you are keeping your message from other people.”

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