How to Know if a Side Hustle is for You

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 31 How to know if a Side Hustle is For You

Any time there is a conversation with entrepreneurs it brings on a lot of reflection around experimenting within a side hustle.  It answered some of the unknowns of Airbnb while also getting Cassie and I to dig deeper into what we define as a side hustle and how to know if a side hustle is for you.

Key Takeaways:

{2:30} A side hustle as something you are working on building outside of a full time job. It’s something on the side of your full time, bill paying job.

{4:02} Consider why you are taking on the side hustle. If it is your passion, great. If it is all about money then you are going to fizzle out quick.

{6:27} You can turn your side hustle into your full time business when your income is starting to be replaced. Likewise, it may be time when you are no longer to give the time to both because your side hustle as grown.

{8:33} You have to be willing to fail and learn from your mistakes. The biggest misconception or challenge many people face is the consistent income.

{10:30} It takes a lot of energy and a lot of effort, so mindset is a big factor. Having the agility to keep going and not give up.

{13:14} Side hustles tend to not be a main source of income, but more of a hobby. Something you just enjoy doing.

{16:04} Are you doing something because someone told you they are making a lot of money in a business and that you should do it?

“For those with an entrepreneurial spirit it’s often about wanting to try something, wanting to experiment, wanting to change how to do something, or to solve a problem.”

“If your side hustle is a passion of yours and something you feel you have a true purpose in, that should be the fuel to keep you going throughout the stresses.”

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