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Will Talks Biz Episode 33 Maximize Customer Delight

Lori Allen is a speaker, writer, direct response marketer, and entrepreneur with over 23 years of experience in the direct response industry. She is the founder of Focus Escapes, a company that specializes in tours for people who love travel, writing, photography, and seeing the world differently.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to succeed in selling a product that customers actually want, rather than what you want to sell.
  • The importance of gathering customer feedback to understand what people need and want.
  • How to craft pricing strategies to create experiences that customers are willing to pay for.

Lori Allen had a vision to create a business selling fun experiences. She was initially met with resistance since there was no existing category for what she wanted to do. After years of trial and error and successful business selling unique experiences, Lori realized that customers wanted something different than what she wanted to sell. After gathering data from customers, she figured out how to give them what they need in a way that made them feel like it’s what they wanted.

Through this process, Lori learned an invaluable lesson on pricing – it’s not about the price but about giving people an experience, power, and prestige.

Episode highlights:

{05:02} It’s so much easier to sell courses on things that people want to buy instead of things that you want to sell. You have to think about when you’re making your courses, there’s what people actually need and then what they actually want.

{9:20} Every year I would start the year with 100 phone calls. By the time I was finished with 40 to 70 to 100 of these calls, I was able to schedule out our whole year.

{18:57} When you have skills, you change them for little green pieces of paper we call dollars. As long as you can justify it in your marketing, the price works. There is no magic number.

{21:06} Growth from six figures to seven figures comes with growing pains. The building of that takes a staff. The problem is often not the problem, it’s how you handle the problem.

{30:34} When I put stuff out there, I usually have to go for a walk immediately after, ignore my computer. And then when it doesn’t happen, I just have to go forward. Failure is something entrepreneurs face.

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