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Will Talks Biz episode 78 Share Your Story on the Show

“This is a great platform to share your story to encourage and to uplift others that may be facing similar situations to you.”

There is so much value in people sharing the their experiences and the lessons they’ve learned. Stories of resilience, setbacks, and success always inspire and uplift fellow business owners. This podcast has proven that sharing personal business setbacks can have a profound impact on others. If you’re an entrepreneur with a compelling story, this could be a perfect platform for you to inspire and connect with a wider audience.

It is okay to have setbacks and failures. They happen. The podcast provides a safe space for entrepreneurs to share their challenges, seek guidance, and learn from others who have faced similar struggles. What is always amazing is how setbacks can propelled you to take risks or connect with influential individuals you otherwise may not have. For me, it was connecting with Lee Cockrell, which lead to valuable mentorship and personal growth. There is a lot of power in opening up and networking.

If you have a story to share, we are ready to hear it. Whether it’s overcoming challenges, shaping your business narrative, or simply needing a supportive outlet to talk, the podcast is ready for you. You can email Will at will@willtalksbiz or Cassie at

Join the conversation by sharing lessons of resilience, collaboration, and taking risks. Your message has the power of uplifting and empowering others in the world of business. Now, that’s a story worth sharing.

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Episode Highlights

00:00 Entrepreneurship, setbacks, and the power of support.

04:42 Consider your audience before sharing personal stories.

10:40 Sharing stories and gaining perspective from others.

13:47 Opportunities to share your story


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