Monitoring Your Competition

“A very valuable lesson comes by just identifying customer trends. Chick fil A clearly has capitalized on that trend where customers want fast service, and they want good service.” As a leader it is important to be aware of your competition and the impact they may have on your business strategies. Competition in the theme…

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How to Get Your Products In Front of People

“If you’re not willing to listen to your customer, I Say you won’t have a company one day because your customer is everything.” In-person engagement and adaptability are crucial for brands to thrive. I was reminded of this while visiting holiday festivals where the ability to swiftly change booth setups based on customer flow and…

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Share Your Story On the Show

“This is a great platform to share your story to encourage and to uplift others that may be facing similar situations to you.” There is so much value in people sharing the their experiences and the lessons they’ve learned. Stories of resilience, setbacks, and success always inspire and uplift fellow business owners. This podcast has…

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Juggling Multiple Projects

“Accountability certainly helps keep you on track for accomplishing whatever your goals are, launching products or ideas that you have.” The idea of juggling multiple projects is something that many entrepreneurs can relate to. In this episode, Cassie and I talk about the challenges and strategies for staying organized and on track for our goals across…

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Ask Will – Delegating in Business

Will Talks Biz Episode 35Ask Will Delegating in Business

“When you start to spend money on the areas that could save you time, that could allow you to focus on the things that you should be doing.” It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to struggle to find the balance between managing their own business and subcontracting work. During this episode, Cassie and I talk…

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Public Speaking with Scott McKain

Will Talk Biz ep 21 Public Speaking with Scott McKain

In this episode, we learn about the experiences that come from writing and public speaking featuring Scott McKain.  He is an expert at helping businesses understand how to stand out in a hyper-competitive marketplace. The conversation with Scott is powerful because he shares how much his journey to get better positively impacts the work he…

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Why I Sold My Business to My Competitor

Why I Sold My Business to My Competitor Will Talks Biz Episode 14

Telling people that I sold my business to a competitor intrigues them. The idea of a competitor has created connection to thinking we have to beat them or be the best.  Looking at competitors as your adversary often comes down to your mindset. Key Takeaways: {3:57 } You might have more in common with your…

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Whats Stopping You?

Will Talks Biz Episode 10 Whats Stopping You

Today Cassie and I talk about some of the challenges that come with starting your own business. Right away I ask her about one of the action items that we discussed during her time on an Ask Will episode. It lead me to ask, “Whats stopping you?” Key Takeaways {1:57 } Get people in your…

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