How to Get Your Products In Front of People

Will Talks Biz Podcast Ep 82 How to Get Your Products In front of people

“If you’re not willing to listen to your customer, I Say you won’t have a company one day because your customer is everything.”

In-person engagement and adaptability are crucial for brands to thrive. I was reminded of this while visiting holiday festivals where the ability to swiftly change booth setups based on customer flow and engagement led to increased sales. Entrepreneurs should never dismiss the significance of being flexible and continuously seeking ways to improve the customer experience.

When initially building a customer base don’t underestimate the value of in-person, tangible experiences. Whether it’s allowing people to get their hands on products or meeting the face behind the brand, these interactions create enriched connections that digital marketing may not fully capture. The blend of marketing efforts and tangible experiences lays a strong foundation for long-term customer relationships.

Take your product to local markets and test it. It’s hard to be any more clear than that. Direct feedback from customers provides insights for improvement and even the creation of new offerings. This hands-on approach helps in gauging the market’s response and guides effective decision-making for future product iterations. By having direct involvement with consumers, it paves the way for adapting to their preferences and needs. The key for entrepreneurs is to build a business that is customer-centric and open to feedback. It directly contributes to growth and product development.

When participating in in-person events, setting clear goals is essential. Selling out or engaging potential clients are just a couple of examples. Each event becomes an opportunity to learn, grow, and define success uniquely. Goal setting before each event ensures that every engagement is a steppingstone towards business growth and development.

Make sure to listen to this episode for a wealth of insights into the power of in-person engagement and adaptability for local brands. Our conversation serves as a reminder that being open to change, consistently engaging with customers, and setting clear goals are essential elements for business success.

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Key Moments

01:28 Physical product promotion through personal interaction is crucial.

05:30 Entrepreneurship encouragement and advice for Shark Tank style experiences

13:02 Importance of customer feedback for business growth.

15:58 Prioritize customer thinking to grow your business.

19:28 Focus on solving problems, money will follow.

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