Preparing for the End of the Year

Will Talks Biz Podcast ep 79 Preparing for the end of the year

“When you really want something bad enough, you just do it.”

Preparing for the end of the year can bring about a number of the challenges and opportunities entrepreneurs face at the end of the year. There is a unique balance between embracing the festivities and tying up loose ends for our businesses. Use the time you have to consider these three ways to set yourself up for success going into the new year.

Reflect and Plan: As the year comes to a close, entrepreneurs need reflect on their business’ overall performance. Analyzing year-end sales and comparing them to previous years can provide valuable insights. Additionally, setting clear goals and establishing a plan for the upcoming year is crucial for continued success.

Strategize Cost Management: During slower times focus on cost-cutting strategies. Analyzing expenses and identifying areas for potential savings can significantly impact profitability. Making informed decisions about necessary investments and operational infrastructure is crucial for sustainable growth.

Outsource for Efficiency: Outsourcing non-core tasks, such as bookkeeping and tax preparation, can save time and provide peace of mind. Recognizing the value of investing back into the business, and leveraging expertise where needed, can lead to substantial benefits in the long run.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming episode where we’ll dive into why Cassie Tucker transitioned her business from an LLC to an S Corp. We cannot wait to share more valuable insights with our audience in 2024. Stay tuned and feel free to reach out with your thoughts or to share your own entrepreneurial stories. Thank you for a great year.

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Episode Highlights

00:00 Wrap up projects and avoid starting new ones in December.

04:51 Analyze overall sales, not just year end.

10:01 Bookkeeping and tax preparation essential for success

12:20 Outsourcing tasks saves me time and money.

15:17 Get support to reach your business goals

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