The Power of Vulnerability When Storytelling

Will Talks Biz ep 77 the Power of Vulnerability When Storytelling

“When they ask questions, you have to answer truthfully, or they can smell it.”

Have you ever doubted the impact of your own story? Believe it or not, by leading with authenticity and vulnerability you have the power to change lives. The most captivating speakers tell impactful stories that connect with the audience, build credibility, and make a lasting impression. This was once again evident during a recent opportunity speaking to a group of 4th graders.

There is a distinct joy that comes from connecting with young minds and sharing relatable stories with them. Their genuine interest and raw questions leave a lasting impression. By sharing my story with young individuals I was able to give them firsthand experience on the value of embracing their unique learning styles and sharing their challenges openly.

The time with them was a great reminder of the importance of relatability and storytelling, which transcends age and audience. My advice to aspiring speakers is simple. Practice, seek feedback, and be humble. The journey of sharing your story begins with a genuine desire to make a difference.

Everyone has a story worth sharing. When you focus on giving back, providing value, and reaching out to diverse audiences, people will see and feel your commitment to making a positive impact. By writing my own book, “I Can’t Read,” others have started to understand and embrace different learning styles.

Whether you’re an aspiring speaker or someone navigating your own challenges , take a page from my book and embrace the uniqueness of your story. Remember that your journey could inspire others in ways you never imagined. Your voice matters. Share it.

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Episode Highlights

00:37 Opportunities to interact with students to answer questions reading.

04:23 Speaking with students on overcoming stigmas, personal growth, competitiveness, and becoming an author.

08:37 Reading for growth mindset, empathy, and fulfillment.

10:20 The power of sharing your story, especially among those with dyslexia or learning differences.

14:08 Focus on adding value to the audience when pitching a speech.


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