The Power of Vulnerability When Storytelling

“When they ask questions, you have to answer truthfully, or they can smell it.” Have you ever doubted the impact of your own story? Believe it or not, by leading with authenticity and vulnerability you have the power to change lives. The most captivating speakers tell impactful stories that connect with the audience, build credibility,…

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Ask Will Building Your Speaking Expertise

“Passion will trump any mistakes they may see you make.” Anyone interested in public speaking needs to understand effective speaking strategies, including engaging the audience throughout the presentation. During this conversation, Cassie discusses her upcoming presentation and seeks guidance on boosting her confidence, honing her presentation skills, and engaging an audience. The best way to battle nerves before getting on stage is to…

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Public Speaking with Scott McKain

Will Talk Biz ep 21 Public Speaking with Scott McKain

In this episode, we learn about the experiences that come from writing and public speaking featuring Scott McKain.  He is an expert at helping businesses understand how to stand out in a hyper-competitive marketplace. The conversation with Scott is powerful because he shares how much his journey to get better positively impacts the work he…

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