Public Speaking with Scott McKain

Will Talk Biz ep 21 Public Speaking with Scott McKain

In this episode, we learn about the experiences that come from writing and public speaking featuring Scott McKain.  He is an expert at helping businesses understand how to stand out in a hyper-competitive marketplace. The conversation with Scott is powerful because he shares how much his journey to get better positively impacts the work he does with other businesses looking to improve.

Key Takeaways:

{3:52} As Scott’s business and experiences evolved, his material got better. Eventually someone encourage him to write a book about all that he was sharing. That lead to his first book, “All Business is Show Business”.

{5:25} Part of what makes a great customer experience happen is that it is very unexpected, much like a taxi ride Scott had once in Jacksonville, Florida.

{6:44} Anyone can create the ultimate customer experience if they are willing to commit to do it and will be innovative enough to make it happen.

{7:55} In business there are two things that help us grow. First is repeat business. Second is referral business. The customers we have come back and buy more, and they are so compelled by the experience they tell their friends and colleagues.

{10:16} Zig Ziglar once say, “You can have anything in the world you want if you help enough other people get what they want.” Scott’s relationship with Zig gave him better insight into what that means. He meant if you put so much good out into the world, it is only natural that it comes back to you.

{14:28} Scott’s parents owned a small grocery store in southern Indiana. He often looks to the experiences they were able to provide with limited resources like there are today.

{16:54} One of the hardest times in Scott’s career was when he lost his first wife to ovarian cancer. Traveling while knowing the challenges she faced at home was not easy. Neither was staying positive on stage while life with so much negativity happening offstage.

{18:27} Persistence is different than resilience. Persistence is to keep at something to attain a certain goal. Resilience is more about how you live your life when you are knocked down and staying down seems like a viable alternative.

{20:35} The best way to become a great speaker is to speak.

{23:27} Practice speaking for audio and video then actually critique it with the intent to improve. Study what the mechanics are.

{25:39} Find the ways to make your speaking more intimate so people are drawn in to that versus making them feel like they are being lectured to.

{28:02} When reaching an audience consider the story elements. Who are the characters and what is their challenge? Give a human relatability to your product, service, or experience.

“When you really feel like you are making a contribution and feel like there is potential to have an impact it can drive you through the challenging moments.”

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