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Will Talks Biz Episode 17 Hiring ProcessRecently Cassie applied for a position for one of my businesses to see how I have set up my hiring process. As much as I would love to hire her, we are instead using her experience to talk about the reasoning behind the system I set up for positions that come available

Key Takeaways:

{1:56}By asking more detailed questions about someone’s motivation or their responses to video clips I include allows me to see who is really serious about the opportunity.

{4:07} The application process lays out very clear expectations, including the requirement to read Customer Rules. It paints a clear picture so people understand what they should except by stepping into this role that they are applying for.

{6:43} If people put in the time and effort to go beyond basic details I learn a lot about them before we even schedule an interview. It saves time for everyone.

{8:20} When an applicant submits their application they are sent a Calendly link to schedule an interview. By the time they get that link I know they have put in the effort to complete all the required application steps and have clarity on the expectations if they end up working for me. By sending a link for them to schedule it creates a much more efficient system for scheduling.

{10:32} There is a trial and error to hiring. The important thing is to remember to acknowledge the team you have without spending too much time worrying about searching for an employee you want.

{13:07} There have been a number of people that read Customer Rules before they even get to the interview. So whether or not I end up hiring them, they have now become connected to a valuable tool that will improve their customer service no matter where they end up.

“Nothing comes to any entrepreneur easy. There are challenges and setbacks. But through every setback you learn from your mistakes.”

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