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Will Talks Biz episode 20 transparency in businessIt is not uncommon for people to reach out about collaborating. They will be incredibly gracious and flattering within their request. However, things don’t always stay that way. Make sure to have transparency in business so you are aware of when people are wanting to fill their wallets with your money. The more you try to promote yourself to help others, there are going to be a few people that use that opportunity to help themselves first.

Key Takeaways:

{3:42} The book “Giftology” highlights a great way to have organic conversations by selflessly giving a gift to someone without expecting anything in return. This is similar to a current marketing practice by launching a brand into awareness through gifting.

{6:37} There is a balance between gifting a set of your product or service and selling. As an entrepreneur we don’t put our guards up as much, but as a consumer it can feel overwhelming thinking they are being sold out every day, not thinking about the tool being used as a form of advertising.

{12:00} Pay attention to what you are able to get out of a deal. If they say something is guaranteed, be leery. Additionally, for how you are able to get out of the engagement if it isn’t going well. It is worrisome if there are a lot of terms or additional payment to separate.

{13:42} It is okay to take longer to reach agreement. Have others read terms of an agreement and get clarity. Ultimately, is okay to slow down and give yourself time to review documents.

{16:47} Be careful taking favors from people. Don’t feel like you have to purchase something just because someone was on your show, purchased from you, or did you a favor.

{19:45} My test for genuine collaboration is paying attention to people that practice what they preach. If someone genuinely gives out their advice and services and you are able to take it and it works, those are the people to model your leadership after.

{21:07} Transparency and being genuine as a brand is taking off in the world of marketing. More and more companies see the importance of hiring nice humans and people that have nice interactions with customers.

“There are so many opportunities to help people, not just try to get something from them.”

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