Adapting Your Mindset on Hiring

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 32 Adapting Your Mindset on HiringThere are a lot of fears in the hiring process. Will a person perform in the long run? Are they who they say they are in the interview process? There is a lot of trust that is involved in hiring a team. When you need to hire someone, you have a need that needs to be fulfilled. In order to do what well you need to work on adapting your mindset on hiring. Be the boss that you want to work for.

Key Takeaways:

{3:36} Hire someone that can do a job better than you.

{5:38} It’s okay to want to look for someone that will save you time, save you money, save you energy. Reputation is also a big one when it comes to client facing tasks.

{7:21} If you hire someone and they fail at that task, you have to give them an explanation.

{11:03} Ask someone they they are leaving their previous employer or asking for references from previous clients. There is an aspect to their response to consider; how they treat their previous employer/clients is how you can expect them to treat you.

{14:14} Don’t hire just to be able to say you hired someone or that you have someone working for you. Creating an illusion of success isn’t going to be what helps your business.

{15:42} When you are ready to hire someone ask yourself what is the lowest hanging fruit that you can easily explain and hand over to someone.

{18:07]  Treat hiring as though it is a problem to solve, not a hurdle that you have to jump over.

{21:21} Once you start hiring there will come a time where you will have to fire someone. You have to be prepared mentally to handle those situations as well.


“As a business owner you need to replace yourself in the jobs you are less successful at because you time is better spent on the things you do best.”

“When you feel the need to overcompensate by hiring people simply to hire them, it can be a warning sign that maybe something isn’t actually going well in your business and your trying to cover it up.”

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