Shiny Object Syndrome in Entrepreneurship

“We can get very distracted from our goals or vision of success just based off of things that we follow and the influences that we listen to. They can cause us to compare and question what we’re doing, changing our outlook on success.” The evolving perceptions of success can become a slippery slope for entrepreneurs.…

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How to Get Your Products In Front of People

“If you’re not willing to listen to your customer, I Say you won’t have a company one day because your customer is everything.” In-person engagement and adaptability are crucial for brands to thrive. I was reminded of this while visiting holiday festivals where the ability to swiftly change booth setups based on customer flow and…

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Being Your Own Boss

“I hate school. What am I going to do? So I gravitated to business… I just started realizing I was good at it, and it made me feel confident in myself where other areas I wasn’t confident.” Being your own boss offers great reward and challenges. One of the most important parts of the entrepreneurship…

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Preparing for the End of the Year

“When you really want something bad enough, you just do it.” Preparing for the end of the year can bring about a number of the challenges and opportunities entrepreneurs face at the end of the year. There is a unique balance between embracing the festivities and tying up loose ends for our businesses. Use the…

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Building Confidence for Making Your First Hire

Will Talks Biz podcast ep 62 Building Confidence for Making Your First Hire

Don’t let the fear of what hasn’t even happened stop you from trying. Bad months will come, but when you have employees, you pay them first. You’re the paid last. – Micah Tucker Micah Tucker, owner of Florida Coast Canine, joins for a discussion on strategies for business growth and confidently making your first hire.…

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A Guide to Marketing Your Business

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 55 A Guide to Marketing Your Business

“The customer is always curious about what’s in it for them and what value you provide versus another competitor.” It is always fun getting to tap into Cassie’s expertise and talk about marketing your business. During this conversation she shares some of her secrets to success as a marketing strategist for small to medium-sized businesses.…

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Shifting the Monkey on your Back

Will Talks Biz Episode 37 Shifting the Monkey from your Back

“Don’t take on someone else’s monkey or burden – make sure you set expectations and stick to them to ensure success in your business.” In this episode, Cassie and I share about the pitfalls of taking on others’ burdens and excuses and the concept of shifting “the monkey on your back.” This phrase refers to…

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Adapting Your Mindset on Hiring

Will Talks Biz Podcast Episode 32 Adapting Your Mindset on Hiring

There are a lot of fears in the hiring process. Will a person perform in the long run? Are they who they say they are in the interview process? There is a lot of trust that is involved in hiring a team. When you need to hire someone, you have a need that needs to…

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