How Much Value is too Much to Give Away

Will Talks Biz Episode 40 How Much Value is too Much to Give Away“When you are creating content, when you are providing value to people, ask yourself, what do you want them to do with that information for their life or for their business?”

In this episode of Will Talks biz, Cassie and I discuss the challenge many entrepreneurs and creatives find around giving away valuable information for free.  There is often an internal conflict between giving away valuable information for free or selling it as a service to pay the bills. Instead of worrying about “what if”, use that the free content as a gateway to a customized and personalized experience.

The key to giving value is knowing the importance of having a clear call to action when creating content. There is also a need to be vulnerable and connect with clients on a human level. He also suggested that giving away knowledge and partnering with people who can provide valuable information can be beneficial as well.

In this episode, you will learn:
1. advice for business owners who are hesitant to give away information online
2. how to use free content to entice customers to create customized experiences
3. how to use storytelling to build relationships and trust with customers

“Give it away or just help people and they’ll come back to you.” -Tony Robbins

Episode Highlights

One of the challenges that clients have shared with me with marketing their brand or their products is that they don’t want to give too much information away for free. Free content can be a gateway to get people interested into a customized personalized experience.

Are you trying to look for a long-term contract with a client or are you just trying to get a one off speaking gig? That’s where you must know the value and intent of the kind of brand or service or product you’re offering.

When you’re creating content for your business or you’re building out services, the goal is to get someone to take the next step at the ladder. Having clear calls to action too, really help to convert people to that next step.

When you have a service that you’re selling another business, you have to go in there with them being first. What is going to solve the potential client’s needs? How can I solve it? What benefit is that adding to them? Trust in your service providers is key.

The title of the book is I Can’t Read a Guide to Success Through Failure. It’s about my own personal struggles with reading and what I was able to overcome to get where I’m at in life. The book really speaks to the ones who are struggling the most..

If you are hesitant about sharing value with people and giving away too much, I encourage you not to be worried about that. The best way to start is to peel the curtain back on your story, your experience, as Will did in his book, share Life Lessons with People.

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